The Living Room is a nationally recognized model that supports a person with mental illness who is experiencing an increase in their mental illness symptoms. The Living Room is a proven alternative to a hospital emergency room. Trained Recovery Support Specialists use their personal experiences to help others find and maintain their recovery.

Recovery Support Specialists work with individuals to identify recovery obstacles, develop wellness action plans, and link to ongoing peer support and education in their community.

The overarching goals of The Living Room are to decrease unnecessary hospitalizations, break the cycle of isolation, and develop a peer-based support network.


Upon arriving at The Living Room, a brief mental health screening will be conducted by a clinician to ensure it is the best place for you.

A Recovery Support Specialist, an individual living well in recovery, who has gone through extensive training and can help you along your own recovery journey, will speak with you about your concerns and assist you in setting goals and exploring options to attain them.

Prior to leaving, a clinician will conduct an exit screening to ensure you received the assistance needed. A Recovery Support Specialist will later contact you to see how you are doing and if you need further support. They are available by appointment to meet with you for extra support, to assist you in achieving your goals and to connect you with community resources.


“Once I started going there it took a lot of weight off me because there were times I was really stressed from being triggered from the PTSD. What happened is I would just suffer at home but now I had some place to go and the people there were like me. We had something in common and it made it a lot easier as time went on. It was a relief to see that other people were not only like me but were dealing with it in a positive manner.”


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Open every day, 1pm-9pm


4731 Willow Springs Road, LaGrange, IL

1917 Roosevelt Road, Broadview, IL